Class Schedules

Class Times are subject to change. 

If There is a Time or Day you need that isn't available on my schedule Please contact us​

Dogs who are adopted will receive a discount of $10.00 off any package- group or private.

(when you provide proof of adoption.)

Ask About our Other Discounts

Payments are made in person: Cash or Credit

Group Sessions

Classes need at least 3 people to start

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays

Private Sessions 

Set a your time with  the trainer to fit your schedule. 


Most classes are only 50 minutes in length. But Can go longer depending on  Type of Class


Consultation: 1 Hour-

Price will be Subtracted from purchased training class.

$25.00 @ Trainer Location

$50.00 @ In Home

Private @ Trainer Location             



                         $50.00     1 hour session

                 $185.00   4 week                                     

                    $350.00    7 week                                        


Private @ In Home                          

$90.00 - 1 Hour                

$350.00 - 4 week                 

$615.00 - 7 weeks                

Group Class- 

$80.00 - Puppy 1 Obedience 6 weeks

$80.00 - Puppy 2 Obedience 6 weeks

$130.00 Puppy 1&2

$100.00 - Basic Obedience Level 1- 7 weeks

$100.00- Basic Obedience Level 2- 7 weeks

$170.00 Basic 1 &2 

$100.00 - Intermediate 7 weeks

$100- Advanced 7 weeks 

$80.00 Pattern Games(focus control for adolescent dogs) 6 weeks


NEW! Loose leash Walking Classes

Sessions sold in package

I will teach you how to walk your dog on a loose leash while your dog is burning mental and physical energy. You and your dog will learn to enjoy yourselves without constantly having a tight leash.

Trainers Location                          In-Home

1 session-$15.00                            $30.00

3 sessions- $35.00                           $80.00

5 sessions- $55.00                            $130.00  

In some cases due to health or other reasons, it may be needed to have the trainer teach the dog and after work with you on reinforcing the behavior. If you feel this is your case, please talk to the trainer we can accommodate you.

My Training technique teaches dogs that obedience earns things they like, such as treats, toys, attention, and praise. This type of training creates a dog who is motivated to learn based on earning rewards as opposed to avoiding punishment. My goal is to teach you to use the things your dog likes as a way of rewarding your dog for doing what you want. This will help motivate you and your dog without causing frustration and stress... And its so much fun too.!!!

Please email, text or call for any questions you might have. 



Alisha Navarette ABCDT

Pittsburgh, PA

And Surrounding Areas

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